Blurb wars

Posted in Notices by Roger D. Hodge on October 21, 2010

Last Sunday the McLaughlin Group debated The Mendacity of Hope, with particular attention to Naomi Klein’s blurb. The video is now on YouTube. Fast forward to 19:10.

Oh no he didn’t

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Video from my debate with Jonathan Alter is now available on Agenda TV; the NewsMax TV interview is here; and the Independent Weekly has published a very intelligent review by Marc Maximov.

Somewhat less intelligent, from my point of view, is Jonathan Alter’s review essay in the New York Times Book Review, to be published this Sunday.

Left-wing airwaves

Posted in Notices by Roger D. Hodge on October 19, 2010

Lots of radio this week. On Wednesday, I’ll be on the Michelangelo Signorile Show, Sirius XM radio, at 3:30pm. Later that evening I’ll be on WCBX Santa Barbara at 6:30pm PT. Then, on Thursday, I’ll join Joy Cardin on her Wisconsin Public Radio show at 8am CT.

Here’s the programming note from WCBX:

An Evening With…
Wednesday, October 20
6:30-7:00 p.m.
With host Guy Rathbun 

The Obama Dream: Many progressives who worked for the election of President Barack Obama are now asking themselves if it’s time to wake up. Although Obama campaigned on a platform of reform, it’s been the usual West Wing propaganda for those who were hoping for change. In his new book, The Mendacity of Hope, journalist Roger Hodge makes a provocative case for disappointment.

Abandon All Hope

Posted in Notices, Reviews by Roger D. Hodge on October 16, 2010

Joe Conason wrote up the Alter debate for Salon, and Jeremy Lott offers a decent review in the Washington Times.

Texas Monthly Reads: Paul Burka hates the book, though I suspect he didn’t read it very carefully; James Henson agrees with Burka that my scornful treatment of Obama is deplorable but sympathizes with my larger critique of the American system.

Paul Rosenberg offers a close reading of my interview with Scott Horton over at Open Left.

Media alerts

Posted in Notices by Roger D. Hodge on October 8, 2010

I made my first Fox appearance yesterday, on Fox & Friends. The segment featured a Longhorn cow and calf on the corner of 47th and 6th Ave. Country singer Larry Gatlin presided over the spectacle. Actress Deidre Hall was also there, and we all offered our considered and expert opinions about Bob Woodward’s suggestion that Hillary Clinton might replace Joe Biden in 2012.

This morning I appeared on David Sirota’s radio show, on Denver’s AM 760, and I had a long conversation this evening on Aleksander Danilov’s conservative podcast, Taking Back America.

Jonathan Alter debate

Posted in Notices by Roger D. Hodge on October 5, 2010
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