Round Two

Posted in Links by Roger D. Hodge on October 5, 2011

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  1. Theo Merkle said, on October 5, 2011 at 10:34 am

    I have your book. Snapped it up when it came out in hardback. Liked it very much and hope you are working on a sequel or a new book on a related subject. These things take time.

    Am deeply moved by the Occupy Wall Street/We are the 99% demos but worried the elites, the police, and the military will step in, they are that fearful of the people and of democracy in action. And of course we don’t want the Left to shoot itself in the foot and screw things up themselves. We on the left are not as inspired as the Right seems to be by their sheer malevolence, which gives them an edge on organization. I am hoping this time we have finally had enough of their lunacy.

    I believe the Democratic Party killed Liberalism long before Obama but of course he is right in tune with the Third Way and seems to feel right at home in neoconservatism. The Third Way, like the philosophy of the Republican Party in all its aspects, is antidemocratic.

    I am alone (with the exception of a cousin and her husband and they are too busy to pay strict attention and are not widely read) in my family in rejecting the Republican Party and all it stands for, ditto for the present Democratic Party. It is a lonely position.

    I think part of it is generational. I am in my sixties and the youngest of four. Maybe there is something to the belief that the youngest child is a radical. They are four to ten years older and firmly those that feel that loss that Corey Robin explained so clearly in his book The Reactionary Mind.

    I agree that our president has surpassed the crimes of Bush II in some ways, notably his horrendous response to whistle blowers (there is sadism there), his assassinations of American citizens, and the massive growth of drone bombs and who knows what else. He seems to revel in the black arts. Very disturbing. I am attributing sadism to him, although it is in all our institutions and many of those who run them in the way they respond to threat real or imagined.

    Really miss you at Harper’s but they do feature you from time to time. Read it was a personality conflict with MacArthur. So sorry. I would have preferred that you stayed but probably you do too. Hope it’s truly one of those things by mother was always telling me happens for the best.

    If there are such things going around these days, blessings upon you and your family.

    I’ll check out the book to see if you have a new intro.

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