Praise for The Mendacity of Hope

Posted in Reviews by Roger D. Hodge on October 5, 2011

“Roger D. Hodge brilliantly and devastatingly dissects how democracy has gone on sale in America.”

—Bill Moyers

“This is what I’ve been waiting for—a profound and hard-hitting critique of the Obama administration from the left! The Mendacity of Hope should help wake up all those Obama voters who’ve been napping while the wars escalate, the recession deepens, and the environment goes straight to hell.”

—Barbara Ehrenreich

“Ready to wake up from the Obama dream yet? If so, this thrillingly scathing and relentlessly truthful cri de coeur is your strong cup of coffee. Hodge skewers the sloppy intellectual culture that willed this political chimera into being, while expertly unmasking the corporate machine that is the real Brand Obama. Drink up.”

—Naomi Klein

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