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Posted in Media by Roger D. Hodge on December 10, 2010

Discussed the apparent implosion of the Obama presidency this afternoon on the News Dissector, with Danny Schechter and Cherie Welch. Then spent the rest of the day listening to the great Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Yoram Gat said, on December 11, 2010 at 1:24 am


    I am utterly puzzled: again, this is a critique without a point. Yes – Obama is a standard corporate servant. But why? Where did Aristotle, or at least John P. McCormick, disappear to?

    As for the supposed “political incompetence” of the Obama administration: is it really incompetent? Isn’t it simply focused on serving the interests of Obama’s corporate backers? But even if it is incompetent, why should people care, if Obama is a standard corporate servant anyway?

    Again – I am completely baffled. Your piece in Harper’s hit all the right notes. Why did these get replaced with standard-issue progressive hand-wringing?

  2. Andrew N. said, on December 30, 2010 at 10:11 am

    I heard the interview and agree with one of the points by the commentator here. There is no mystery as to why Obama is acting as he does. He did not suddenly become incompetent after running a successful campaign. He is successfully serving the corporate interests that you and Ken Silverstein in Harper’s have detailed. He does fight–he fights for the benefit of the health insurance corporations, Wall Street, defense contractors, and so forth. I voted for him twice–in the primaries and general election–and was as fooled as anyone else. He ran to the right of Hillary because he couldn’t run any further to the right in the Democratic primaries. But look at who he appointed or tried to appoint right away: Hillary, Summers, Geitner–even Judd Gregg! Diane Johnson was not supported. Obama has real contempt for progressives–he still can’t get over that we actually wanted the public option. He supported it in the campaign but, like so many other things, he abandoned it almost immediately–so we get so-called health insurance reform, financial reform, and so forth that are all shams. They are Republican proposals, if not nominallly, then in reality. It’s time to stop acting as if we don’t understand; we do, but it’s painful to admit we were lied to–the mendacity you speak of.

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