Ducks Unlimited

Posted in Media by Roger D. Hodge on December 23, 2010

Lawrence O’Donnell had me back on The Last Word last night, along with Jane Hamsher, Ezra Klein, and Richard Wolffe.


This appearance, like the last one, generated a fair amount of vitriol from the hopium smokers on Twitter. One enterprising fellow even managed to find this site and sent me the following priceless hate mail:

Subject: just human waste

I think you’re just a piece of shit, a vacuous intellectual purist with no basis in reality. I’d like to debate you, because I know more and I am smarter than you.

A shit head.

President Obama has done a good job. And he is smarter than you.

Which for some reason reminds me of this.

Need to Know

Posted in Media by Roger D. Hodge on December 20, 2010

PBS television’s “Need to Know” news magazine asked for simple, concrete suggestions for fixing America. I suggested that we start with Congress by passing the Fair Elections Now Act.

The News Dissector

Posted in Media by Roger D. Hodge on December 10, 2010

Discussed the apparent implosion of the Obama presidency this afternoon on the News Dissector, with Danny Schechter and Cherie Welch. Then spent the rest of the day listening to the great Bernie Sanders.

Obama’s Bad Deal (Nothing New About It)

Posted in Media by Roger D. Hodge on December 8, 2010

Lawrence O’Donnell was determined to keep hope alive tonight on The Last Word in our discussion of Obama’s surrender on the Bush tax cuts. Adam Green and Jane Hamsher made good points; Ezra Klein, with wonky virtuosity, continued to put the best possible spin on a bad deal; I tried, and failed, to argue that Obama is no doubt happy with the deal he ended up with, because the man is completely without principle.

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